About Lilly's Bowtique

   Hi all my bow lovers!!!It all started when my mom would buy all these great bows for my daughter BUT....... they are only to stay at her house! I said "fine I will buy my own bows for Lilly." Little did I know the websites she was buying them from were just a little pricy for a mommy who is a smart shopper.

   Thats when I decided to bring out the inner crafter in me and make my own bows for Lilly. They came out great and always got compliments. My husband (my biggest fan) suggested I should start selling them and make my hobby into something more. I started selling them just to friends and family members. I really enjoy making all my items and take pride in it. Now I have started selling my items in a local kids gym and doing very well. Im currently still working on getting my website in better shape :o) and can also be found on face-book where I update photos daily. Now Im  working my way into the world of blogs! Thats only the start, so stay tuned for more to come in the new year!!

  My goal is to make wonderful accessories and not break mommy's bank! I love that anyone can feel like a princess at any age and if I can contribute to that  then Im happy. All my items are handmade with love!!